Couture 1

For Couture 1 — “WAT U IZ”, we spotlighted the inventions and innovations that Black people have contributed to modern everyday life. These inventions included items that Black inventors hold crucial patents on, such as the cellphone and Super Soaker, as well as items whose origins date back to ancient African civilizations such as chess. All the garments were eschewed from view with representative prop sculptures and objects. The collection is both a celebration of Black culture as well as a critique of the fixation of others who seek to profit off of Black trauma. The location of the show was Villa Lewaro in Irvington, NY. Villa Lewaro is the estate of Madam CJ Walker, the first female self-made millionaire in American history and an inventor in her own right. 



Creative Direction Kerby Jean-Raymond
Design Nana Yaa Asare Boadu, Quinton Lovelace, Kara Emig, Beate Karlsson
Production Wendi Williams-Stern of Studio Unbiased, Erica Rice, Dilcia Tineo, Nick Van Woert, Team of Sewers and Pattern Makers
Jewelry Johnny Nelson, The M Jewelers
Styling Sakinah Sela
Pyer Moss Shoes Tovah Robinson and SearchNDesign
Art Direction Berlin Nicholas
Casting Katherine Mateo
Hair Jawara Wauchope for Fekkai using Dyson tools
Makeup Mali Thomas for Bobbi Brown
Nails Gina Edwards and Emily H. Rudman for Emilie Heathe
Operations and Finance Chanel Floyd and CB Rucker
Event Production Brittney Escovedo for Beyond 8
Stage and Production Designer Jocelyn Williams
Show Direction Dario Calmese
Choreographer Mayte Natalio
Choreographer Assistant Ehizoje Azeke
Musical Composer Endea Owens
Percussion Arranger Jaylen Petinaud
Show Caller Tiffany Norman for TN Miami Inc.
Audio + Lighting Simple Solutions
Scenic Studio Guereux
Publicity Nathaniel Hinton and Omari Williams of The Hinton Group
Performers Elaine Brown, 22Gz
A&R Lenny S.
Dancers Kenny Bermudez, Raymond Baynard, Isaac Williams, Ricardo Zayas, Muata Langley, Jeroboam Bozeman, Farley Rene, Frankie Grodils, Greg Sain, Ehizoje Azeke, Darryl Guerrier
Singers Javaun Harewood, Shaquile Hester, Standley McCray, Jonathan Turner, Kennard Valentine, Lennox Vancooten Jr., Eric Williamson, Edward Washington II
Strings Darian Thomas, Chris Johnson, Majid Khaliq, Terrence Thonhill, Jarvis Benson, Josh Henderson, Jonathan Michel, Bobbie Lee Crow III
Drummers Tim Regis, Saed Phillips, Saquan Williamson, Martine Wade, Jahleel Hills, Adriel Vincent-Brown
Location Villa Lewaro (Madam CJ Walker Estate)
Filmed by / Streamed by OgeTheYogi Productions in partnership with Mssng Peces
Livestream Oge Egbuono