American, Also. Film

Now that he’s made it to the global stage, Kerby Jean-Raymond, Founder and Designers of Pyer Moss, plans on returning back home to his neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn for the release of Collection 3 from his "American, Also." series; a series that challenges the exclusion of African Americans in many aspects of American culture at the historic King’s Theatre, which was once deemed unsuitable for black enjoyment as a result of white flight.

Premiering September 2020. 



Creative Director
Kerby Jean-Raymond
Cam ‘C.T’. Robert, Dior Rodriguez
Executive Producer
Underhill Productions
Production Manager
Natalie Galazka
Story Producer
Wilbert Cooper
Karina Pena, Wilber Cooper, David Haeger
Camera Operators
Cam ‘C.T’. Robert,  Jordan Riggs, Xavier Portillo, Chris Herrera, Julia Moses, Sam Balaban, Jordan Thomas, Erik Nuenighoff, Matt Seger, Dexter Brierley
Julia Moses, Tyler Paskist, James Lamberg, Maisie Florence
Chris Herrera, Tenji Covington
Rob Ellenberg
Production Intern Kobi Ross