Campaign 2 — "Seven Mothers"

Kerby Jean-Raymond and Director X collaborated to create a film that continues in the dialogue of “American, Also: Lesson 2.” — our collection that focuses on the complexities of the modern black family, community, and celebration of women. We are proud to present “Seven Mothers”.

Creative Director
Kerby Jean-Raymond
Xavier Mack Perry & Riley Montana
Writer / Director
Director X
Allison Anderson
Assistant Camera   Jared Knetch
Producers m ss ng p eces, Made By Limbo, Ebonee Davis, Daries Lindsay
Stylist Eric McNeal
Assistant Styling Mitchel Brumsted
Artistic Director Anthony Konigbagbe
Score Michael Gayle
Photography  Julian Burgueño
Set Design Madison Lee Hatch
Hair  Anike Rabiu
Extras from MA World Group